How to Add Image Alt Tags Step By Step

How to Add Image Alt Tags Step By Step

What is Image Alt Tags

Alt text or image alt tags is also known as alternative attributes that specify the alternative text for an image, in case if the image cannot be displayed.

If the image cannot be opened, the alt tags give information about the image to the visitors.

When you are doing SEO on your website, you should make sure that your website’s images are properly optimized or not.

Nowadays image ranking is also important for the website. Because you can get huge traffic if your website’s images are on top rank on Google and other search engines.

So, to get huge traffic from the image ranking, we have to set alt tags for all the images.

In this post, I will try to show how to add image alt tags for the images step by step.

How To Add Alt Tags For Image

We can add image alt tags by the two ways. The first way is by using alt attributes in IMG Tag in HTML Code. And the other way is by using plugins in WordPress website.

In this tutorial, I will cover both of method. So that everyone can add alt tags for their image of the website by following the few easy steps.

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Adding Alt tags By Using HTML Code

In HTML code, we have to go to the meta description. You can find it at the top of the code.

First, I will show you how to add alt tags by using HTML code. This method is quite easy but you should have a little bit knowledge about HTML Code.

To do this method, go to your .html page and find the image for adding alt tags. The HTML Code will be like the code which is given below.

<img src=”img_girl.jpg” alt=”Girl in a jacket”>

Image Alt Tags Video Tutorial

Adding Alt Tags by Using WordPress Media Library

For this method, you need WordPress accessing website. This method is also easy.

Anyone can add image alt tags using the WordPress media library.

Step 1: Login WordPress Dashboard

If you want to add alt tags on your previous post’s images, go to that specific post edit.

Now find which images you are going to add alt tags.

Select the image and click the image, it will go to the image library. And you will find some image edit field like “alt text”, “title”, “caption” and “Description”. Fill up all the field with an appropriate name and description.

Image Alt Tags
Fill all the fields.

Step 2: Add Image Alt Tags on New Post or Page

After login into the WordPress dashboard, go to post and click the “Add New”.

Now when you upload the image for the post in that time on image library, you will find “alt text”, “title”, “caption” and “Description”. Fill up all the field with an appropriate name and description.

Open Graph Meta Tags
Post Edit for OGT

Why alt tags are important

When Google bot crawls any website’s page or post, if there is an image, Google bot doesn’t recognize the image. Google bot only read the alt text of the image and decide what type of image it is?

Another reason to use alt text in the image, unfortunately when an image doesn’t open cause of internet slow or other reason, in that time alt text will show instead of the image. And visitors can understand that there was an image.

Image Alt Tags
Image Alt Tags displayed instead of Image

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